About us

OKAMURA Precede Sangetsu Curtain OKAMURA Prostage OKAMURA Prostage TOLI Carpet

61 years of experience sale and install Curtains, Blinds, Carpets, FloorTiles, Wallcoverings, Reupholstery, Paints and Office Furnitures.


  • Planning Designing
  • A Whole Room Concept

  • Flooring Carpets Tiles...
  • Wall Covering
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Furnitures for Office & House...
  • Reupholstery
  • FFE & Install Service
  • Office & Hotel Renovation


US Clients

  • U.S Bases (All ASIA)
  • Airfare Inn (All ASIA)
    Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (All ASIA)

JP Clients

  • Misawa City Hall
    Residential Housing

Work Procsess

  1. Contract us what we can help you
  2. Details transmission
  3. Check constraction site
  4. Discuss the theme throuughtly with estimation
  5. Handle by professional theme follow the pattern and contract

Business Days

Open Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

We are closed on Japanese holidays.

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Official Adress

1-1-41, Hirahata, Misawa City,
Aomori, Japan. 033-0012


Next to Misawa Police Station